Lost L.A.

Lost L.A. brings Southern California history to life by marrying archival materials with innovative forms of documentary storytelling.

It is often said that Los Angeles has buried much of its history. It has suppressed inconvenient reports, recast the plight of Mission Indians as a Spanish Romance, written entire cultures and communities out of its official historical narratives. But some of lost L.A. literally lies buried beneath our feet, hidden long ago when the city, finding the shape and character of its land wanting, opted to mold it to its needs. In this episode, “Lost LA” examines how the modern metropolis has reshaped its own topography. The program explores downtown L.A.’s lost hills and tunnels, as well as the vanished canals of Venice Beach.

All segments, interstitials and opening credits by us except for “A Living Memory” by Kelly Parker.

Produced by Jordan Wayne Long

Directed by Matt Glss & Jordan Wayne Long

Filmed and Edited by Matt Glass

Drone Cinematography by Jordan Wayne Long

Interviews By Jordan Wayne Long

Music composed by Matt Glass