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A couple lost in the woods stumbles across a mysterious cult who once harvested a strange, crimson, maple syrup with healing properties. The cult is on the brink of ruin as their crimson maple supply dwindles and their leader is left with some life or death decisions to make. The couple’s budding relationship is strained when they confront the truth about a series of bodies found in the woods. Their intertwining lives lead to a confluence of events all triggered by the heroic act of one soldier in the revolutionary war over 200 years ago.

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In the late 1700s, during the Battle of Bennington, a small unit of the New Hampshire Militia was chased through the woods by a band of Hessians. The pursuit sent them deeper into the woods than anyone had previously mapped.
    During a moment of rest behind an overturned tree, the crack of gunpowder from across the forest sent a screaming metal ball into the kidneys of the Militia’s commander. He ordered his men to carry on without him, but they would not. His wound was fatal and they all knew it, but his men would not leave his side while his heart still beat. They carried him deeper into the woods and made camp behind a thick wall of overgrown maple trees.
    There was no rest for the dying man. Even in the silence, he felt his enemies closing in on them. He begged his wound to kill him so his men could drop their dead weight, but his body was stubborn and refused to die. 
    He knew the loyalty of his men would be their undoing, and so he made a decision. That night, after everyone fell asleep, he propped himself up and hobbled slowly with one hand clutching his ruptured side. With his last ounce of strength, he stabbed his knife into a tree and placed his necklace around the hilt. Into the quiet wilderness he whispered his last known words, “For my son.”
He marched quietly into the forest. The tears of pain rushed down his cheek and into his clenched mouth. He was slow but silent. After several hours, he was out of sight, and by morning, he was lost forever within the endless woods. 
    The next morning, his men searched and yelled his name, but there was no response. The forest ate their words and refused to echo them back. When their calls went unanswere d, the men packed up and rushed to safety, but they never forgot the sacrifice that their commander had made for them. The trees themselves seemed to mourn his loss for from that day on, on that hilltop, they bled a dark crimson red. 

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Casey (Alex Hyner) is an avid adventurer by his own account and Charlotte’s new boyfriend. He feels at home in nature, but his confidence is not backed up by his skills. His attempts to impress Charlotte seem to backfire. Charlotte finds his goofy persona charming, but Casey is frustrated at not being taken seriously. While he appears meek and innocent, his constant attempts to escape back into the woods and his ever-growing unstable behavior, makes Charlotte question his motives. 


Charlotte (Tara Perry) is lost ... in the woods and in life. She’s a child of habit and always has been thanks to her daily insulin injections. Her therapist told her to stop letting her disease control her life and to start taking risks. Venturing out into the woods with a man she met three weeks ago is one of those risks. In the face of her erratic boyfriend and an eccentric cult, Charlotte finally discovers herself.

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    He’s the father of the cult. 

    Wilder (Curtis Andersen) is what it would look like if Willy Wonka and David Koresh had a baby, and maybe that’s what happened, but he’d never tell you. Quick to anger but laid back, he is a walking contradiction.  Wilder prides himself on his interpersonal communication skills, and as the leader of a cult, no one dares tell him otherwise.
    With the recent decline of his Crimson Syrup business, Wilder has to deal with the stress of meeting his suppliers demands as well as the demands of his followers that  rely on his syrup’s healing properties. He’d be the first to tell you they’re not a “bad” cult, but who better than the devil to tell you Hell is a happy place.


Anderson and Tommy

Two cult members. They are a pair and Wilder’s lieutenants and have both benefited greatly from the cult and will never leave.  Anderson (Tom DeTrinis) seems to have a good heart. He’s loose with his words, and to some, he can be harmlessly off-putting. Tommy (Thomas Hobson) reigns him in and seems to be the voice of reason for Charlotte and Casey ... as reasonable as a cult member can be. 

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